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Selflove; Learning how to love yourself unconditionally

When a person has sustained a deep cut to some part of the body, a plaster needs to be applied and sometimes after healing, a scar is left. This is the same for emotional wounds that have never been healed with the use of an emotional ‘plaster’. At times the wound might fester and create turmoil in one’s outer world. This is the most common type of ailment afflicting the human psyche and can create havoc in a person’s life. This is similar to emotional cycles that will repeat themselves over and over until the time arrives, that the person has the courage to heal, the emotional wound.

There are many types of emotional pain that a person might experience in their human life but none so tragic than what we put ourselves through with our own negative self-talk. Let’s face it – no other person’s criticism towards us is ever as harsh as our own constant negative self-talk. We berate ourselves for everything, and talk down to ourselves, we make jokes at ourselves about the things that we do during the day – jokes that belittle and ridicule ourselves.

How many times a day do you bring yourself down? Do you even know?

If you knew how many times a day you had berated yourself, do you think you could change the pattern of this self-chastisement and attempt to be more positive with your inner reflections? If you are willing to change, and take a journey to the lighter side of life and know that to berate yourself in any way no matter how insignificant it is – you still have no degree of self-worth!  When we love ourselves and take the time to inwardly praise ourselves, it shows up in our outer world almost immediately. Our inner world starts to reflect our outer world and we start to consider more permanent changes in our inner reflections and start to live a life filled with abundance.

In order to change the chain-reaction of negative events that occur in our lives, we have to change our way of thinking. Within the construct of the Cosmos, thoughts are alive, and they carry with them   waves of energy! If you want to change your life and be more positive – and successful – you must change your way of thinking. Our relationships will start to change, be it work or personal and our life experiences might start to reflect our inner worlds.  

Our outer world always reflects our inner world and if our inner world is in turmoil all aspects of our lives will also be in turmoil. There can never be outer peace where there is inner turmoil because you will always receive that which you put out from within. When we become attached to a situation we are no longer allowing our heart centres to navigate our human lives and instead, allowing our self image to be in charge of our lives. This creates turmoil in all areas of our lives because our inner world becomes out-of-sync with negative attachments.

Living with more self-love is the key to creating an abundant life and the start of anyone’s spiritual journey because with self-love comes more unconditional love and with unconditional love-   gratitude follows. When we are living and resonating to unconditional love, all areas of your life is   also resonating to the same vibrational frequency.

Take time for self-care today. Make time to do anything that you love to do and know that you are worthy of self-love and to feel self-love is to know that you are worth it. When we honour ourselves and stop berating ourselves, we move back into sync with our magnificent heart centres, and our Cosmic Heartbeat will start to ascend the vibrational frequencies. There are so many ways that we can teach ourselves to be positive and loving towards ourselves, and our loved ones. One of those ways is to begin showing gratitude, for the abundance we enjoy on a daily basis.  A consistent, brief daily meditation is another. This in turn, will serve to raise our vibrational frequency and because meditation is inner reflection, our frequency will always be naturally higher. Finally, to get you started, try to be conscious of your daily negative self-talk and change the negative inner reflection to one that is positive.

Always know, that your thoughts have no power over you unless you give them power. It is only when you give them power that they manifest in your life!

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