Present Moment; with unconditional love from the spirit world

When we start to live with a focused mind, we can learn to observe almost any situation in our life. Whether this is observing a pain in the body or a situation outside our body that may involve friends or family or the community around us; which referred to in earlier blogs as the collective consciousness. Focusing on the present moment is a fun daily practice. You can start by observing the sensations in your human body. For example, when you have an itch that needs to be scratched or a pain from any type of exercise, allow the sensation to be a part of the body – without labelling it – simply observing it as a sensation. Firstly, you will become more aware of your bodily sensations and secondly, you will no longer allow the Ego to to control the mind. You will be fully aware that you have sensations within the body, which you can observe from the present moment.

This can be challenging at first because the mind follows the body until the mind reclaims charge of its human body. This can bring a completely new sense of awareness to our life. When the mind reclaims charge of its human life, the body surrenders to the present moment and the past becomes the past without the repeated patterns of the unconscious mind. As previously mentioned, memories are stored in the human body due to experiences manifested by human thought. When thoughts create experiences, these are stored in the human body as memories, the mind follows the body because it is the memories we continue to experience, and the mind and body will be stuck in the past.

There is never a more powerful healing force than our mind aligned to its own heart centre. This is the Universal Law of Least Effort in motion. There is nothing we need to do except to: stay positive by using daily affirmations; give gratitude daily for our perfectly healthy mind and body; and focus on our heart centre, through focused meditation once a day. And our bodies will be perfectly healthy.

When we focus on our spiritual energy and allow our heart centre to navigate our soul path, there can only be perfect health. If we understand and are conscious of our limiting beliefs, we can use the power of positive affirmations and focused present moment awareness, to reprogram those limiting beliefs. This will help move us into a higher state of consciousness.

However, there is nothing more powerful than someone who is willing to allow the heart centre to navigate their human incarnation.

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