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Focus on Loving the Mind and Body; with unconditional love from the spirit world

When we understand that by focusing on the present moment, we move closer to our heart centre, we will realise that to have unconditional love for our mind and body is as important as breathing. When we focus on loving the mind and body, we will also understand clearly that it is our self-worth that needs to be healed. All of us, in one way or another has self-worth issues that need to be healed. It is simply an unconscious knowing! When we focus on loving our self, we will realise how little we have loved ourselves during the years, and how much we ridicule ourselves each day. It can be as simple as calling yourself; ‘Silly’ while doing a menial task you have done incorrectly. It can be allowing other people to make fun of you without standing in your power. It can be allowing children to walk all over you, without setting boundaries. These are small examples of where we forget to love ourselves unconditionally.  

The following exercises help to demonstrate how you can take better care of your own mind and bodies. 

The first exercise is to mentally tell yourself how wonderful you are by writing down a list of ten aspects that you absolutely love about yourself. This can be as simple as how you communicate with other people, for example; Are you compassionate? Are you affectionate to the people you love? Keep this list focused on how you are as a person and less about how attractive you are, how toned your body is, or how much muscle tone you have; these aspects will come later. Instead, focus on how you are, and how you feel about how you are as a person. It could take a few days to come up with a list of aspects that you really love about yourself, which is fine. This is about truly loving the self and never bringing any more ridicule to yourself. 

The second exercise is – when you have made your first list – then make a list of aspects you want to change about yourself and realise how easily you ridicule yourself because of these ten additional aspects. This may seem counter-intuitive but when you become conscious of the aspects you want to change and how much ridicule you give yourself because of them, then you can change your way of thinking. 

The best time of day to complete these exercises is when you first wake up in the morning to set the tone for the day. Remember to tell yourself how wonderful you are with the affirmations, as below. These can be said mentally or out loud. I recommend you say them out loud to yourself because your conscious mind will appreciate hearing your voice and it will reprogram much faster when you say it out loud. By saying these affirmations first thing in the morning and last thing at night and as much as you can during the day, you will start to change your life experiences by changing the way you feel about yourself. 

  • I am absolutely perfect and loving in every single way.
  • I bring joy to my life and joy to people around me with my wonderful loving ways. 
  • I am perfectly healthy and absolutely love choosing healthy food to nourish my wonderful mind and body. 
  • I always choose healthy drinks that nourish my own soul and move me to a path of light and unconditional love. 

When we choose to live a positive life, filled with unconditional love and gratitude, all situations become more conscious. I mean that healing will start to take place and when it comes to the forefront of your conscious mind, you will know that you are ready to let go! Letting go is the observation of your pain and is the only way we can move forward from any situation. When we observe the pain body, we are observing the unconscious mind, which then moves the unconscious mind into the present moment. This makes up the higher self of our spherical energy field, which will be explained in my next blog. 

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