Singular Consciousness; with unconditional love from the spirit world

When we are willing to perceive the world differently by changing our thoughts, we are no longer living according to the collective consciousness of fear. Instead, we are living according to the universal consciousness of unconditional love and in this vibrational frequency, anything is possible. There is an energetic shift that has been going on since the beginning of these unprecedented Covid-19 times, which can either be perceived as fear, or unconditional love. This shift can almost certainly bring about feelings of uncertainty. But, if we are willing to accept it in our consciousness individually, as well as in the collective consciousness, then planet Earth will move into a new era. This evolutionary move will bring about a higher state of consciousness. It will mean that we are no longer abusing our magnificent planet Earth, which has taken the abuse of the collective fear for far too long. As human beings, we insist on living from a place of lack; never understanding that there are bountiful resources and enough of everything to go around. All we need to do is to understand how to change our thoughts from lack, to the following balanced thought of abundance.

 ‘There is enough of everything to go around and I will always manifest an abundance of everything I need to sustain this magnificent human life’.

When we understand that there is always an abundance for everyone, we will start to manifest from the realm of infinite possibility. Also, we will understand that everything is as it should be because of the choices we manifest. Your consciousness, whether it is singular or collective, manifests your experiences. There are no experiences you have never chosen. And you can change all your experiences by changing the way you think. When you start changing your thoughts, your experiences will simultaneously shift into new thought patterns. We are the makers of our own lives and no matter how much you think it is never your fault,you have manifested your own experiences. What is wonderful to understand, is that you can change the way you think to improve your current life experiences.

Today, with this following thought, you can start to change your life experiences right now.

I bring into my energy space unconditional love for all life experiences from this moment and an abundance of happiness in all directions’.

When you are willing to change your limiting belief systems, you will enter a new vibrational frequency, where your thoughts will be aligned to higher vibrational experiences and your desires will start to fall into place with effortless ease. You will be able to do less and receive more because you will be living according to the universal laws, from a higher state of consciousness.

This is the key ingredient to living a life of abundance. It starts with the thoughts you think on a daily basis. When you are thinking low vibrational thoughts, your experiences will always be equal to your thoughts and vice versa. Your thoughts create memories, which are stored in the body as the unconscious mind and when the mind follows the body, then the body becomes the mind. If your thoughts are stored in the body as the unconscious mind, the body knows what the mind is feeling and if the body knows what the mind is feeling, the body will lead the mind to what needs to be healed within the body. If experiences are stored in the body as memories, then disease will be created within the body from the negative thoughts creating the negative experiences. This is very important to know because when we understand that our thoughts alone create the disease within our body, then we can start immediately to change these thoughts and heal our bodies.

The singular – or individual – consciousness applies when we change our life experiences with our thoughts. By doing this, we are helping to raise the vibrational frequency of planet Earth. The collective becomes the singular and the more of us who take charge of our lives by changing our life experiences, the more the planet can heal.

When the singular understands that it is no longer part of the collective, it will start to move into higher states of consciousness, living from a place of abundance. There are still parts of the world that are in complete lockdown and parts where restrictions are being lifted. It is right now, as we transition from lockdown to the new normal, when we can find a new balance. We can do this by using with new centring thoughts to move us into new life experiences, which start to enrich our singular consciousness, rather than continuing as the collective. There has never been a better time to start embracing new levels of consciousness.

These weekly blogs will provide new ideas from the spirit world to support you in this new normal; starting with a daily practice of meditation, which is the best way to learn how to centre your thoughts and focus the mind on the energy within. Meditation is a practice to do at home, at any time during the day. To start with, you can meditate for as little as ten minutes a day. This can be a guided meditation, or focused meditation, where you keep your attention on one single word for the whole ten minutes. Words such as; ‘Thankyou’ or ‘Love’ or ’Release’ can be used, repeating them mentally or out loud or whatever feels right for you. Repeat the word without judgement, simply releasing any thoughts that pop into your head and refocusing on the word. It can be done sitting or lying down in a comfortable position. Start by relaxing the body with a few deep breathes and then introduce your word. Start with ten minutes for the first few weeks. You will know when you are ready to move into the next phase, at which point a new meditation practice will be introduced by the spirit world.

My forthcoming book, Connecting to Soul provides different types of meditation exercises to balance the mind and raise consciousness to help you take your daily practice further.

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