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Collective Consciousness

When we are living from a place of fear consciousness, we are always contributing and resonating to the vibrational frequency of fear. When we are living from a place of unconditional love, we are contributing and resonating to the vibrational frequency of unconditional love. However, most people are contributing to the vibrational frequency of fear right now because of what is happening in the world around us. Although we are never intending to contribute to this collective fear consciousness, it has become mainstream and quite hard to focus on anything other than what is going on in the media about Covid 19 in the world at the moment.

However, there is hope where people believe there is none.

Today, I wish to raise awareness for people who are searching for faith, hope and love. People who are seeking the light at the end of a dark tunnel; families who have lost loved ones; and people who have become too afraid to leave their homes in fear of becoming infected. When we live in fear, we resonate with only fear and we find it very difficult to find any kind of hope because we are unable to resonate with any other vibrational frequency. Our fear becomes our every waking moment of life. We become lost in the current collective consciousness of fear. We are unable to see the positive in this situation because all we are seeing is what has been created from decades and decades of collective fear consciousness.

When, instead we look at how the collective consciousness of humanity has created the current world we live in, we can start to move forward with a new collective awareness to ensure that our world – as we know it – heals from this crisis and evolves for the better – for everyone – in the future.  

When we constantly contribute to the collective consciousness of feast and famine, by being unwilling to understand that there is always enough of everything to go around, we will live in a world where there is no longer enough of everything to go around. This is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect and humanity is creating this more now, than ever before. It has become evident with several food and supply shortages, including: Personal Protective Equipment; soap; and hand sanitiser, to name a few. Last month, toilet paper became a holy grail. Also, we can no longer communicate directly with each other, face to face, which can be seen as a shortage of human interaction. Instead, our interactions with each other have become digital, which further feeds the feeling of a lack of human connection we once had with each other.  

It is widely known that our thoughts create our experiences and to change our experiences we need change our thoughts.

When we understand there is always another way to perceive the world and we are willing to change the way we think, then faith can be found and love can set us free. Love is the universally binding ingredient of hope and faith. When we perceive the world differently and change the way we think, we are able to raise our own vibrational frequency, to the frequency of unconditional love.

When we are able to resonate with unconditional love, we will start to understand gratitude from our heart centre and understand that everything we need is always provided because when you are living with a grateful heart everything you need will always become manifest. When you are continuously giving gratitude to the universe for the things you want to make manifest, the universe will always provide all of your desires because gratitude is always given once you have already received all that you desire – gratitude is always the final step in all transactions.

When we start to change the way we think with this single centring thought; ‘There will always be enough of everything to go around and I always receive in abundance everything I need’. We will start to  understand that we already have everything we need and there is always enough of everything – for everyone – to go around.

This centring thought can be said as many times as you like during the day followed by giving gratitude for everything you already have and your current focus of anything you are lacking will start to dissipate.  

During the week ahead, focus on changing the way you perceive the world in this current global Coronavirus situation. Understand that; ‘This too shall pass’. And it starts with us all individually, taking this one action to bring about the change.  

These weekly blogs will bring messages from the spirit world – with unconditional love – to help you and your family survive this world collective crisis.

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