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A Message For You From the Spirit World

I am an experienced medium who Communicates with the spirit world. I want to share messages I have received through channeling and dictations – for you – from the archangels and higher vibrational beings. Most lightworkers who incarnate on planet Earth do so with a specific task. The start of my journey happened four years ago when my life had completely hit rock bottom for the second time.

I had always struggled with addictions, including: narcotics; alcohol; cigarettes; caffeine; antidepressants; and painkillers. I had also suffered a mental breakdown. And just when I was fast approaching a second mental breakdown, I asked a significant question and the spirit world responded, which has led me down the most magnificent soul journey of this life.

I know now that my current soul journey is about bringing a higher vibrational voice to all humanity. A voice, unlike my own voice. A voice of pure unconditional love and guidance. This is a voice that will send ripples of higher vibrational energy to all human beings who are willing to resonate with the message of unconditional love.

I have now healed my life from a lifetime of addiction and limiting beliefs and I have resonated with a higher vibrational voice, which has guided my own human life in every aspect.

Since the start of my spiritual soul journey, I have always had the answer to any question – however big or small – whenever I have asked the right question. And the right​ questions are always available to all human beings; all we have to do is ask and we will receive.

My weekly blogs will provide messages from the spirit world to help all human beings move closer to their own heart centres and live a life of unconditional love. You will find more details about my story and my channeled messages in my soon-to-be-published book, entitled Connecting to Soul.

This is the first of many books, which have been dictated to me by higher vibrational beings, to help humanity find their way home to their true essence. It is about a soul journey discovering its way back to oneness. It provides sacred spiritual messages to help us all live better lives. It begins with a special message about how to bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical worlds – provided from two of the greatest minds this planet Earth has ever seen. Two transitioning archangels who were once ordinary human beings like you and me, who changed their lives to become extraordinary human beings by changing their own thoughts.

They dedicated their lives on earth to help other human beings change their own lives. Even in passing they continue to help human beings raise the vibrational frequency of planet Earth. In my next weekly blog, a very special spiritual being – who you will know – will provide a message to give humanity a new voice of hope, faith, and love.

To all of humanity – as a conduit for God Almighty and all the higher vibrational beings in the heavenly kingdom – I leave only unconditional love – all love and light in this world.

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