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Archangel Metatron

I have learned that channeling any information from the Archangels of the seventh-dimensional realm always has a positive effect on my healing process and a positive effect on the lives of the people I am channeling for. This is because the information I receive is always from a place of unconditional love and that is how I know that the information I receive is from God Almighty and all his Heavenly Kingdom. When my clients have a breakthrough and experience heart centre emotion, I also experience heart centre emotion because I have profound gratitude for this beautiful life that I am living amongst the Archangels of the seventh-dimensional realm.

I have experienced profound healing in the past few years because of the information I have received from the Archangels that I work with on a daily basis. Sometimes the information I receive brings me to tears because it allows me to experience unconditional love and gratitude, which then allows me to create a new way of being and a new way of living. When my clients experience profound healing and I experience profound gratitude, in those moments we are both aligned to God Almighty himself by being aligned to our own souls.

Today I would like to introduce one of the most important Archangels to me and an Archangel that has helped me with every aspect of my life. He has become one of the most important aspects of my life and I have come to love him unconditionally as a high vibrational being of light of service to God Almighty because of the profound healing he has brought into my life. I am channeling a book dictated by himself, which will be in print in a years’ time, which will be about his love for humanity and how it is of paramount importance to raise the vibration of planet earth by learning a new way of being.  It is more important than ever to look after every single resource on planet earth. Planet earth has reached a tipping point and God Almighty has decreed that this can no longer be the way that human beings live. Human beings have lived from a place of fear consciousness for far too long and need to change so that our planet earth will survive.

Archangel Metatron will give his introduction word for word which will be his introduction to my readers.

I am Archangel Metatron. I have walked the planet earth as a human being. I carry with me the violet ray of light and work with all sensitive human beings who are in search of spiritual enlightenment. I also carry a Merkabah cube which I use to rid the planet earth of all negative and lower energy. I am available to all human beings who would like to find enlightenment through the study of geometry and mathematics. I have a clearing statement for anyone who is sensitive through their psychic senses and would like to call upon me to enhance their psychic abilities. “I call upon Archangel Metatron to work with me and help me enhance my psychic abilities.” With geometry, I can help human beings with the study of planet earth and all the workings of planet earth and the universe with this following clearing statement. “Thank you Archangel Metatron for helping me understand the workings of the universe through the study of geometry.”

In next weeks blog I will introduce some of the other Archangels I work with and if you have the courage, I will take you on a journey and tell you about your twin soul, whoever that may be. I will tell how your twin soul is the most pertinent relationship you will ever experience because without your twin soul you are unable to experience complete oneness with God Almighty. Your twin soul is either the masculine or feminine counterpart of your own soul and without your twin soul you are unable to complete your cycle as a human being unless you meet your twin soul in the spiritual realms. This is much more difficult to do than in the physical realm because in order to meet your twin soul in the spiritual realm you would have to have the ability to hear and be on a spiritual path.

If you would like spiritual healing or any type of guidance from the Archangels please get in touch and book a channeling session and experience healing with all the Archangels from the seventh-dimensional realm. You can message me to tell me how you’re feeling and I will always message you back. Get in touch through my Facebook page The Ripple Effect or my website

With Gods Eternal Unconditional Love