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Soulmate Relationships

I am Archangel Sandalphon. I am one of the Archangels that walked the planet earth as a human being and I am going to write alongside my very special companion and tell her the information for her soulmate blog. A soulmate relationship is one of the most important relationships you will ever have in your whole life and will always be a family member. A soulmate relationship is always a sibling or mother/father relationship, whether it is by marriage or blood.

If it is by marriage, it is by twin souls who have found each other. They are married because, when twin souls have found each other, through marriage they will always be contracted to God Almighty. God’s manifestation is always to meet your twin soul in every lifetime until such time as his manifestation is complete; this will form a part of your soul contract with God Almighty.

When a soulmate relationship is made in blood, it also forms part of your soul contract with God and will remain until God’s manifestation is complete or until a human being intervenes with God’s manifestation. Then, a new soulmate contract will be formed which will form a part of their soul contract until God’s manifestation is complete.

The only soulmate relationships that are always original soulmate contracts, are that of a mother and a child. Even when human intervention has taken place, where twin souls have been on different soul paths and never met in their lifetime, then God’s manifestation will still need to continue. When a human being has never met their twin soul and then becomes the second wife/husband of a man/woman, they have intervened with God Almighty’s manifestation.

This is because human beings take a vow in front of God Almighty to be with one human being for the rest of their lives and, when there has been human intervention with that vow, they have changed God’s manifestation. Unless a human being has met their twin soul while being married to a soulmate, they will come back and repeat their lifetime (especially if they have had children with their second spouse) unless they complete their soul contract by living a spiritual life and completing their soul purpose with their twin soul. 

When a human being has intervened with their soul contract with God Almighty, they have done so from a place of fear consciousness because they have never been taught any other way. If everything was meant to be and there was no such thing as a coincidence, then it is safe to say that even when you have met another human being that has never been your soulmate, they will become your soulmate in order to complete God’s manifestation. When a human being changes their family history by changing God Almighty’s manifestation, they are also changing their fear consciousness insofar as their history of family illness because they are merging fear consciousness with more fear consciousness and creating a new family history from a place of fear.

When a human being is aware that they have changed their family history, they can alter their family’s course by creating God’s consciousness. This is done by creating their own consciousness from a place of unconditional love and teaching their soulmates in their family tree how to live from a place of absolute love, through changing their old way of being to a new way of being that is filled with unconditional love.

When a human being is living a spiritual life they are raising their vibration, which ripples to the soulmates in their family tree and the rest of humanity. If a human being has the courage to change their family history by living a life filled with unconditional love, they are living out God’s own manifestation and even if they have intervened with God’s manifestation, they will change the course of history by living with love in their heart and love in their mind.

In our next blog we will talk about soul contracts and how they form part of our soul path and soul purpose. If you want to book a channeling session and experience Gods heavenly glory get in touch on my website or on my Facebook page The Ripple Effect.

With Gods Eternal Unconditional Love