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Love and Fear

When a human being understands their own cause and effect that they have created in their lives, they will understand how they perceive information.  When a human being has only ever known fear in their lives, they will always only perceive information from a place of fear. Now, fear can easily disguise itself into something else and a human being can continue their life without ever realising that they are living in fear.

For instance, when a human being has been brought up with the idea ‘that money is the root of all evil’, they will live their lives in poverty, always struggling to make ends meet and always living on the pendulum swing of feast and famine because their subconscious belief is that of fear. You will never know abundance if you believe that money is evil.

You will always live on the edge of poverty unless you change that belief about money that created the fear in the first place.

The only way to reprogram the subconscious belief that money is evil is to change your way of thinking.

The only way to do this is to reprogram a current belief with a new, uplifting belief that will raise your current state of consciousness.

I will tell the readers how to do this.

A simple technique that I find very useful is to ask God and all his Heavenly Assembly for guidance to cancel the current crippling belief and replace it with an uplifting one. I am a channel, so this may seem effortless to some people who can receive and identify words of comfort from God’s Heavenly Kingdom but I will teach any other human being how to acknowledge uplifting guidance, as opposed to idle mental chatter.

When a human being receives guidance that is uplifting, that human being has managed to channel their beliefs onto a different tact even if it is for a short space in time in order to receive hope, faith and love because any information received from God’s Heavenly Kingdom will always be filled with unconditional love.

When a human being is in a repeat situation because of deep emotional trauma, emotionally charged with pain and fear, stemming perhaps from past traumatic childhood situations, they find themselves on a pendulum swing of discontent.

The pain will remain until they view their situation from a different perspective.

A perspective, that will bring them closure and peace of mind from this painful situation. This can be achieved by learning to discern situations through careful observation and finding equilibrium.

This is one of the hardest aspects of being a human because, in order to heal, every single situation will have to be lived from a place of unconditional love.

When a situation arises that has the same emotional charge as the one that has captured you in that repeat cycle, you need to learn how to identify the trigger moments that make you feel unworthy, by asking yourself the following three questions:

Who does this energy belong to?
What is this situation trying to tell me?
What aspect of this situation can I change?

It is very important to identify situations that might be pendulum swings between love and fear causing you to feel unworthy. In some of these cases, your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that you have unhealed conscious or sub-conscious issues that will eventually create disease in your body if left unattended.

Your mind is such a powerful tool. It is the source of all life’s information and it will inform you what needs to be healed. All you have to do is identify and then closely observe the information that you are receiving and healing will occur, making way for light energy to enter your mind and body.

Learn to trust the information that you receive and you will always be on the right path and with an act of will, heal your mind and body of almost all situations.

Thank you for reading my blog. Live in God’s eternal unconditional love until we meet again. Next time I will write about human addictions and learning how to overcome these with love and little else.

  Live in God’s eternal unconditional love