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Technology Addiction in Children

The saddest thing to watch on planet Earth right now is that the younger generation has become consumed with technology in various forms. They have become addicted to PlayStation, Xbox, IPad’s and mobile phones, whether it is Apple or Android and have stopped living in the present moment. As parents’ we are responsible for the well-being of our children and should seriously consider saying no to your children before they too become just another human living, breathing and dying. Restrict the use of technology, half an hour a day should be sufficient for a child on technology. When a child uses their own imagination, they are much closer to their soul and can heal their bodies of almost all childhood sicknesses.

However, if they are addicted to technology, this is impossible. When a child is left to play on their various types of technology for long periods of time by themselves, they are being neglected and will inevitably grow up with low self-worth and self-esteem because their minds are unable to connect to their own light energy or higher self. They are unable to make a connection to unconditional love because the reality of their action-packed games consumes them. As a result, are unable to make sound decisions about their own emotions because they are forever ‘dying’ in their games on their mobile phones, PlayStation or Xbox. When this becomes an addiction, they will lose all sense of reality and their subconscious mind will eventually start living that reality by creating unnecessary disease within their body.

You see, even though these games have made millions upon millions of sales and gripped the very life force out of our children, our subconscious mind is still unable to differentiate between real and fake. It knows no right or wrong and only knows what the conscious mind feeds it and is categorically unable to know the difference between reality and fake. It will only repeat the same patterns over and over again when the child is living from subconscious programming and start creating a reality based on the games that they play and lose touch with reality. This ‘virtual’ reality confuses young minds, and they create role models that are figments of their imagination, based upon the heroes and heroines in the games they play.

This is where the addiction kicks in when they have begun creating a reality based on a computer game. They begin craving that reality because while they are playing the game, they are increasing the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain which are the pleasure centres, which controls the sense of euphoria a human being feels when they become excited. These pleasure centres when simulated with the wrong type of activity, over long periods of time create an addiction. Your pleasure centres are there to send signals to your body to say that your body is healthy when it receives nutritious, healthy food and healthy stimulation but when your pleasure centres are receiving unhealthy stimulation and unhealthy food your body will start reacting in the opposite way and tell your body that it has “dis-ease” within the body. Over long periods of time, this unhealthy stimulation will create a subconscious human being, who is unable to connect to their own light energy within. This can be said for any type of addiction for instance; when a young human being is addicted to technology and their technology is no longer available, their minds will crave a similar pleasure that is easy to obtain, such as unhealthy food! Unhealthy stimulation will only crave more unhealthy simulation, which is often why young children become obese.

This addiction over an extended period will have a devastating effect on any young child’s growing mind because it will increase the risk of further addiction later on in life. There are many negatives to children spending long periods of time on their chosen technology; one being their inability, to socialise with their peers healthily, without abuse of any kind. Young children will be much less aggressive with the right stimulation. Such as; walking the dog, playing in the park, capturing their own imagination with role play with their siblings or peers, scootering, riding bicycle, the list goes on and on, with the healthy types of stimulation, that young children can consume their minds with, in order to grow strong, healthy minds and bodies.

An addiction, to technology, will change the very fabric of their minds over long periods of time, very much the same as cocaine does to an adult’s mind because addiction elicits the same sense of euphoria the adult feels when they are using mind-altering substances. This type of addiction only leaves devastation in its wake because once the euphoria has subsided the child will experience the same severe mood swings the adult feels when they have come down from the mind-altering substances. The only difference is, the child has no idea how to handle these types of mood swings and if left unattended will create manic depression and increase the risk of teenage suicide. In the UK alone, suicide in young children is the highest its been in 14 years, with four child suicides a week!

This is a result of becoming consumed with technology and neglecting the fundamental needs of their growing minds. The bottom line is, children need unconditional love to grow into healthy human beings, but when a young human being is addicted to any type of unhealthy stimulation, they close off their pleasure centres to healthy stimulation. The reason that this is the most devasting addiction in this century is that the vast majority of parents have no idea what they are allowing to happen to their children’s young minds. A child will become a subconscious human being because their pleasure centres become blocked by the feeling of unconditional love because they are craving the euphoria of their technology. This then creates a pendulum swing of euphoria and depression. When the child is stimulating their minds with the unhealthy addiction, they are in a state of euphoria, and once the euphoria subsides, the dopamine and serotonin levels deplete entirely because of the overstimulation of the unhealthy stimulation the mind receives from the technology.

The last terrifying aspect of this addiction is the information that is being sent to their subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is much like a computer that receives information from the user and has no idea what information is right or wrong or what information is good or bad and the conscious mind is the user. Now if the conscious mind sends the subconscious mind information that is incongruent to a healthy mind and body, the subconscious mind will have no way of understanding if the information it has received is right or wrong. All it can do is manifest the information it has received from the conscious mind and if the young conscious mind is forever dying by saying ‘I am dead’ after the game has come to an end, the subconscious mind will begin aligning the mind and body to that very reality. This is an absolute fact of the subconscious mind! At the very least, teach your children to say ‘game over’ instead of the most common phrase ‘I am dead’, and you will already start creating a healthier child.

As a parent, I understand the responsibility of having young children, and in this day and age, one of a parent’s most significant responsibilities is that we provide unconditional love by never allowing our children to be sucked up by technology in any way, shape or form. When our children are addicted to technology, we have a duty of care to remove the technology from their life and to limit their use of technology to give them the best possible chance of a wholesome life. Technology has taken over the world and humans have forgotten how to live from a place of unconditional love as a result.

On the subject of technology, I will be writing about television addiction in my next blog and the devastating effect it has on the subconscious mind and how this very simple addiction can change the personality of human beings who become consumed with this type of technology.

Live in God’s unconditional love, until we meet again.